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Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts (IRCA)

Prevention of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (Drugs), a scheme under Ministry of Social Justice and empowerment, Government of India (IRCA).

The Organization has been implementing the project since 1990, reaching out and impacting thousands of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts for last 30 years.

Project office: Mursi Village, Dhansiripar Block, Dimapur: Nagaland


  • Detoxification 5 – 10 days
  • Residential Rehabilitation (Minimum 3 months)
  • Counselling
  • Educational sessions
  • Spiritual therapy
  • Peer group session
  • NA & AA fellowship
  • Sports and recreation
  • Networking and Linkages
  • Vocational Training
  • Annual sports meet
  • Workshop and seminars
  • Observation of significant days

Swadhar  Greh

The Organization implemented a project titled, “Short Stay Home for Women” A Scheme under Central Social Welfare Board since 2000.
From 2015, the Centre is named as Swadhar Greh, under the Ministry of Women and Child Development Government of India.

Project office: Fellowship Colony, Dimapur: Nagaland


  • To cater to the primary need of shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment and care of the women in distress and who are without any social and economic support.
  • To enable them to regain their emotional strength that gets hampered due to their encounter with unfortunate circumstances.
  • To provide them with legal aid and guidance to enable them to take steps for their readjustment in family/society.
  • To rehabilitate them economically and emotionally.
  • To act as a support system that understands and meets various requirements of women in distress.
  • To enable them to start their life afresh with dignity and conviction.


  • Temporary residential accommodation with the provision of food, clothing, medical facilities etc.
  • Vocational and skill up gradation trainings for economic rehabilitation of such women
  • Counseling, awareness generation and behavioral trainings
  • Legal aid and Guidance
  • Counseling through telephone


  • Women who are deserted and are without any social and economic support;
  • Women survivors of natural disasters who have been rendered homeless and are without any social and economic support;
  • Women prisoners released from jail and are without family, social and economic support;
  • Women victims of domestic violence, family tension or discord, who are made to leave their homes without any means of subsistence and have no special protection from exploitation and/ or facing litigation on account of marital disputes; and
  • Trafficked women/girls rescued or runaway from brothels or other places where they face exploitation and Women affected by HIV/AIDS who do not have any social or economic support.

Child Care Institution (CCI)

Supported by Ministry of Women & Child Development under “Integrated Child Protection Scheme” since 2018.

It is a 25 bedded care home for children (girls) in need of care and protection.


• Provide education, skill development, counseling, behavior modification therapy, and psychiatric support during the period of stay.
• Formulate Individual Care Plan for each child based on understanding the child‘s background.
• Preparing the child for reintegration into the family and community.

HIV Prevention Projects

Funded by National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) through Nagaland State AIDS Control Society (NSACS).

I. Targeted Intervention (TI) among High Risk Women:
Project Goal: Reduce and Prevent the Transmission of HIV
Activities: Sensitize & educate on HIV/AIDS & related issues
Ensuring safer sexual behavior
Ensuring STI treatment
Utilizing the available services/Avenues through networking, Referral & Follow ups
Conduct Events with their active participation

II. Targeted Intervention (TI) among High risk migrant workers
Project Goal: Reduce and Prevent the Transmission of HIV among MW
Activities: Sensitize & educate MW on HIV/AIDS & related issues by fully utilizing the Available services through networking, referral & follow ups, Conduct Events such street theaters and Target group congregation

Community Based Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities (CBR)

Funded by MISEREOR (KZE) through CBRF Bangalore. The project started in 2016 in Medziphima Block and Slums of Dimapur Sadar and currently intervening under Niuland Block, Dimapur.

• Persons with Disabilities are enabled to live a fulfilling life within their own community
• Making the best use of local resources and helping the community become aware of their responsibility.
• The CBR team works on promoting Health, Livelihood, Education, Social and Empowerment

• Identification of Children/ Persons with Disabilities (C/PwDs)
• Assessment of each individual needs and explore resources for comprehensive services.
• Home based Education for CwDs.
• Explore and Mobilize local resources and link C/PwDs.
• Build capacities of C/PwDs and Parents through trainings and workshops.
• Build capacities of PwDs on their rights and allow them fight for their own rights.
• Create awareness on Disabilities among the general community.
• Build linking and networking with the Government Departments, NGOs and Local Bodies.

Nagaland State Disabled People Organization (SDPO)

Funded by MISEREOR (KZE) through CBRF Bangalore.

Started in 2014, Prodigals’ Home is a mentoring Organization. The SDPO is an organization formed exclusively by Persons with Disabilities for advocacy purpose.

Project office: Operates from Head Office

• Conduct Advocacy on behalf of C/PwDs on various issues.
• Networking and Linkage at State and National level.
• Explore resources and link needy PwDs to services.
• Conduct awareness through various channels.


Funded by Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India since 2011 with CHILDLINE India Foundation as the Nodal organisation.

Toll Free 1098, 24-hour emergency phone outreach service for children in need of care and protection

• Child in need of medical care
• An abandoned child
• An abused child
• A child in need of emotional support and guidance
• A child below 14 years of age working in garage, tea shops and as domestic worker.

Adopt-a-grandparent Programme

Funded by Help Age India since 2007

• Intervenes in Villages of Dhansiripar Block, Dimapur
• Support 50 parents who do not access any kind of support from Government or NGOs
• Monthly Distribution of Nutritional packages and basic needs
• Medical Care
• Community Sensitization
• Networking with Government
• Advocacy

Community Mental Health Programme(CMHP)

The Project is supported by Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives with technical support from Ashadeep, Guwahati since 2020.

Project coverage: Chumukedima block.
Focus/intervene on four disorders:
(1) Common Mental Disorder/illness (Anxiety, Depression, etc)
(2) Severe Mental Disorder/illness (Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, etc)
(3) Intellectual Disability
(4) Convulsive epilepsy


1. Screening/diagnosis by Psychiatrist and Clinical Psychologist at Chumukedima PHC and Project office twice a month.
2. Enrollment/registration of persons with disorders into the programme.
3. Psycho-education and counseling to persons with disorders and their care givers.
4. Make arrangement for psychotropic medicines for the patients at PHC.
5. Awareness and training programmes at different levels.
6. Distribution of IEC materials.

For further details, kindly contact:

1. K. Sani, Field Coordinator
M: +91- 7005707718

2. Sukum Aier, Asst. coordinator
M: +91-7005144429